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The new year is running full steam ahead and chances are that you are feeling the "weight" of the new year's resolutions... Let's face it if we all has personal chefs to do our menus and meals for us we would all be in perfect form. Your new year's resolutions are now just a distant nagging memory. If not, well done to you!!! The best way to get back onto the healthy path even if you have been lost for years would be to be organised, now most of you would say that you are far too busy to be organised and that's why you grab a bite to eat on the run. Well we have some really easy hacks that you could try and they don't take long at all to prepare. In fact, you could even make a few of them in advance and leave them in the fridge to eat on the go. (healthy take away)

Mason Jar salads are just the thing to help keep you on track. Grab you jar and a bottle of water and you will be having a healthy lunch breakfast or dinner wherever you are. What we really love about this is that it really is a no mess no fuss on the go meal. You mix it in the jar and eat from the jar. No mess, no fuss and best of all no waist full packaging to throw away.

Here are a few ideas the opportunities are endless, breakfast, lunch dinner even naughty cheats and treats...

Lifestyle example:

Here is a step by step guide to preparing the best mason jar meal or snack

Lifestyle example 2

Layer 1: Dressing

Layer 2: Hard Vegetables

Layer 3: Soft Vegetables

Layer 4: Meat/Cheese

Layer 5: Grains/Pasta

Layer 6: Toppings

Layer 7: Greens

Yes it's that easy, the only thing you will need to remember is to bring your own fork... We have that covered too, you can tie the fork to the lid of the jar. Nice and safe for you to use when you need it.